Introducing AMARA ONE

Amara ONE is a software suite that supports most supply chains in receiving goods, sales and dispatches. The application runs on either Android or Windows Desktop and has a cloud-hosted back-end.

The software is being used in provision of traceability and collection functions for such produce as coffee, tea, grains, cereals, vegetables, fruits, tobacco, nuts, seeds, fish, beef, milk, eggs, honey, among others

Amara ONE interfaces with most of our scales for easy management and zero-error tolerance.

Hardware Interface

Connect People

Make Collections

People on Platform
Transactions per Day
Round-Clock Support

Key Features

Key functions of our Amara ONE include produce management, producers management, collections by weight and count, dispatches, tagging, batching, among others

Various Interface

The software runs on Android, Microsoft Windows and Cloud

User Friendly

The application is easy to use for both the clerks and the management

Producers Database

Amara ONE can support infinite number of producers or customers

SMS Notifications

The applications sends SMS notifications to producers upon transacting

Free Updates

We provide free updates for customers with a maintenance contract

Regular Support

We provide round-the-clock online or offline support to our customers

Intuitive Design

The application has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use

Payment Integration

Pay producers via mobile money or bank directly at the close of season

Automated Weighing

Using our software, weight-integrated readings are streamed and recorded in a handheld device and synced with our cloud servers. The cloud-hosted back-office management module provide accurate transaction recording of customers, product weights, time logs and other particulars required by our client’s operations.

Smart Integrations

With the ability to export required transaction data to payment systems because it integrates with most accounting packages and mobile payments. Payments can also be done automatically on specific date using M-Pesa integration and banking APIs. The application also send notifications to producers and suppliers via SMS upon every transaction



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