MEDIANA i50 Body Composition Analyzer

MEDIANA i50 Body Composition Analyzer


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Mediana i50 Body Composition Analyzer is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and use in various healthcare settings, such as emergency medical services, clinics, and hospitals.

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Mediana i50 Body Composition Analyzer is an Advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology system that uses multi-frequency measurement method to provide precise and meticulous Body Water (Extracellular Water) and Body Composition Analysis.


  • Multi-Frequency Analysis Technology (1, 5, 50, 100, 250, 500kHz) and Segmental Body Composition Analysis
  • Easy operation via touch screen (10.4 inches) and simple interface
  • Body Composition Analysis: Total Body Water, Muscle Mass, Fat Mass, Fat-Free Mass, Protein, Mineral, Skeletal Muscle, Skeletal Mineral, Intracellular Water, Extracellular Water
  • Skeletal Muscle & Fat Analysis: Weight, Skeletal Muscle, Body Fat Assessment
  • Obesity Analysis: BMI, Body Fat Ratio Assessment
  • Segmental Analysis: Segmental Fat, Muscle, Body Water, Extracellular Water Ratio Body Balance Assessment
  • Mediana score, in/extracellular Water Ratio, FMI, FFMI, SMI, Body Cell Mass, Segmental Impedance Analysis, Phase Angle
  • Intake & Consumed Calories: Basal Metabolic Rate, Total Energy Expenditure, Calorie Consumption, Target Body Fat, Exercise intensity
  • QR code for Mobile App, PC S/W (Bocalyzer), Mobile App (I app)


It is used in hospitals, gyms, nursing homes and schools to analyzing , measuring, and monitoring essential body composition parameters based on bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) person.

Additional information

Display Type

Customized LCD



Power Input AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 1.2A,Power Output DC 12V, 3.33A


Mini USB, RS-232C 1EA, USB

Application Areas

Hospitals, Hospitals (dialysis),medical research centres, Hospitals (Paedetricians to weigh toddlers), Hospitals(body composition analyzers for children), Medical centers,sports medicine, medical research,fitness centers, Schools


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